Maximum Uptime

Few industries are as sensitive to process downtime as the continuous chemical industry. Even minor process upsets can be potentially hazardous and may cause a loss of production that can take hours, if not days, to cycle through a plant’s processes. EOSYS understands the necessity of maintaining process integrity while making changes. EOSYS works to meet the customer’s safety, production, and control objectives, even as process modifications are being made.

Partners for Success

EOSYS has delivered solutions in a variety of chemical manufacturing plants that take advantage of our process knowledge and control system expertise. Working with a plant’s process engineers, EOSYS has been able to provide cost-effective solutions with innovative programming and a good understanding of the daily challenges faced by those in the chemical industry. Because we specialize in continuous and discrete control, we are leaders in projects that interface PLC and DCS systems. This provides our customers with a seamless control solution and a single point of responsibility.

EOSYS has successfully deployed solutions in the following areas:

  • Raw Materials Storage and Distribution
  • BMS / Boiler Controls
  • Distillation Processes
  • Slurry Handling / Dryer Controls
  • Chemical Reactor Control
  • Burner / Dryer Control and Firing Sequences
  • Polymerization
  • Extruding and Spinning
  • Continuous Batching (S88 & Custom Solutions)
  • Integration of Analytical Instruments to the Control System
  • Alarm Management and Rationalization
  • Historical Process Data Storage and Reporting via OSI PIFT Historian, and others
  • Material Handling Systems
Need to upgrade your Obsolete Control System?

Partnering with EOSYS is a step in the right direction. Allow us to leverage our 20+ years of process knowledge and migration experience to work for you. With detailed planning and team collaboration, we will provide a more powerful and sustainable solution.