Career Development
Engineering fulfilling careers for over 30 years.

At EOSYS excellence is our standard. We have a strong trackrecord of helping people of all experience levels reach new heights whereever they wish to focus their career, be it technical, project management, or people management.


Our engineering career development consists of career ladders focusing on both technical leadership and project management. Each engineer receives a mentor to help them guide their desired career. Engineers go through goal setting focused on helping them achieve their growth and career objectives.


Our manufacturing group has a strong focus on career development. Our manufacturing career ladder clearly defines expectations for each career level and helps employees set career goals to advance through the company. Employees are able to progress through the technical career path and into leadership roles if they desire.

Training and Development

Training and development is a top priority at EOSYS. We recognize the importance of not only recruiting the best talent but also developing our employees’ skills and providing an inclusive culture where everyone can truly flourish.

Our Training And Development Includes:
  • Mentorship and coaching program
  • Regular career planning and goal reviews
  • Transparent Career Ladders in both Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Engineering Technical career path with Principal Engineer level
  • Extensive knowledge base/knowledge sharing
  • Leadership development and technical training opportunities

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